Cosmetics Packaging & Distribution Nationwide


Icon 3 Sixty has the  knowledge, skills and experience to produce any personal care or household liquid product;
We have fully equipped R&D facilities staffed by highly capable people;
Access to tested formulae and ingredients that could provide clients with a competitive edge;


Icon 3 Sixty offer a comprehensive product development team housed in a dedicated facility.

We are able to adhere to a tight brief or work in conjunction with our clients to bring innovative products and sustainable brands to market.

All plants are ISO 9001 compliant.


We have access to design and manufacturing of most plastic components through a partner blow moulding facility.

We are thus able to ‘source’ and supply all packaging and lables that your brand may require.


Icon 3 Sixty has an extensive and well established distribution footprint that covers all of Southern Africa.


Besides producing and distributing In-house Ranges for major national retail chains, the enterprise has two well developed house brands that have been tried and tested at all points in the distribution chain.

The performance of these brands give us insight into the market to use as reference on new projects and products.

NutriSense and Bela are popular consumer brands in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

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